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Buying a Healthy Puppy

*Reputable Breeders*
You should always purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder. The breeder should be happy to answer any, and all questions that you have. Also, provide you with all information regarding the parents and puppies.
The condition of the breeder's home, and the area in which the puppies are raised, can tell you a lot about the breeder, and the potential health of the puppies. The environment in which the puppies stay in the breeder's home should be clean with no signs of sickness. such as bloody diarrhea or vomiting. Adults should be healthy and well socialized and living inside the breeder's home and NOT raised in kennels, runs (cages) outside.
All puppies should be raised INSIDE the breeders home, NOT IN A KENNEL by themselves. Puppies need lots of human contact, and exposed to sight and sounds. So they are not with drawn, shy, scared or hard to house train. If the breeder does NOT have the parents available for you to see, then I would be very cautious purchaing a puppy from them. They are not a responsible breeder! They are only out to make money and have bought the pups from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder. Only to sell the pups for more money, without any knowledge about the parents nor will they have the parents pedigrees or the parents AKC registered papers. Becareful or you may buy a unhealthy puppy.
I am very committed to my dogs they are my life and I love them VERY much. I have had many, many sleepless nights staying up with my females in labor. They always want me right by their side and that’s where I want to be. I always make sure the mom and her babies are doing very well before I ever leave their side that’s what a responsible breeder is all about. Being very committed and loving our dogs with all of our heart.
Keep in mind when visiting the female of the pups she may not look very attractive as pregnancy often causes the female tend to shed their coat. Referred to as (blown coat)
It will appear very thin and short but will grow back in about 6 months.

These days you will not find pedigree quality well bred dogs for sale in pet shops, flea markets, parking lots or newspapers.
A reputable breeders will always be there to help you out to answer any question you may have.
A reputable breeder is one who breeds as closely as possible to the breed standards-that means it looks like a Papillon suppose to look when it matures(and not some poorly bred looking something they call a Papillon) but also that it is sound in body and temperament with correct conformation. If you would like a gorgeous Papillon, to find when it matures it looks nothing like a Papillion, or that it is of poor temperament, poor structure or many health problems (defects). That's why choosing a reputable breeder is so very important. A reputable breeder will always welcome you to come in there home and have a look around and will always provide you with their veterinarian's number.
Even though buying from a reputable breeder you will pay more up front but, at least you will know you are buying a healthy well taken care of puppy, that will bring you many, many years of happiness :)

            * PLEASE READ*

When you buy a puppy from any of these places above you are taking a big chance on buying a healthy puppy. You have no way of knowing where that puppy came from or the conditions under which it was raised.  If it was taken care of healthy) or loved and well socialized. Puppy mill breeders often do multi batch registrations to save money, and there is no way to guarantee that the puppy on those papers will be the one you are buying or if it is even a purebred dog. They will lie and are ruthless, they will do what ever it takes to sell you their unhealthy puppies. Please do not believe what they say find out the truth. Puppy mills often sell to puppy brokers( a puppy broker is someone who buys the pups from puppy mills and sells them for more money. They will not have the parents available because they bought the puppies only. Then turn around and sell them to make money. You will be paying three to four times what the puppy is worth not knowing if its healthy are where the puppy really came from. Nor, will you know its health or genetic back ground information. You will not be able to see its parents or know anything about its lineage.  In other words you will have no real evidence if the puppy is sick or has a genetic defect. Do not be fooled by a health certificate or worthless "Guarantees" offered by some of these breeders, brokers or petshops.  They all exist for ONE reason and that is to TAKE your money. They are only out for your money with out ANY regards for the puppies and will do what ever it takes to sell you their unhealthy pets. Unless you want to be RIPPED OFF  please stay away from those places. They play on YOUR EMOTIONS making the adorable little puppies faces so hard to resist and that's what keeps the puppy mills, pet shops & backyard breeders in bussiness..So please BEWARE of these places when you buy a puppy from them you are only promoting them to continue to breed these unhealthy puppies. 
A reputable breeder will ask you questions and will be very concerned that their puppy will go to a loving and permanent home. They will provide you with references and their veterinarian phone number and always welcome you to their home, to see the parents and puppies. They will also provide you with a copy of the parents AKC papers, and provide the parents pedigrees to view as well. A ruptable breeder who is selling a puppy as a pet/companion will hold the puppies AKC papers untill you have proof that the puppy has been spayed or neutered (around 6 months) this is to PROTECT their dogs lineage from getting into the hands of puppy mills or back yard breeders.

Please "BEWARE" of Puppy mills or back yard breeders that advertize on many puppy sites. Not all breeders who sell on those sites or puppy mills and back yard breeders many  reputable breeders sell on those sites also. Most Puppy mills and back yard breeders sell for LOWER prices on those sites to make profit only! Without any concern for their dogs. Most reputable breeders puppies will cost more due to the quality and vet care they give their dogs.

Make sure you are buying from a Reputable Breeder.. We are vet recommend and have references and my vet's number available for you. 
You are always welcome to come to my home and look around. All Of my dogs are raised and living inside my home with my family and I treated like family members with the best of care and socialized with daily.....

Here's ways to tell if you are buying from a "puppy mill or Back yard breeder"..

1. Always ask if you can come to the breeders home and look at the puppies even if you don't intend to. If they refuse to let you come to their home and look around, or tell you they will meet you somewhere and refuse to let you have a look around.  (mainly look in back yard ) then they are a puppy mill or back yard breeder.
2. Ask to visit with the puppies parents see if the puppies parents have AKC registered names and have AKC papers available. If they DO NOT have the parents or parents pictures or have them listed on their website they are probably a puppy mill or back yard breeder.
3. Ask to see the pedigrees and AKC registration papers of BOTH parents (know the parents registered names) if they do not have the pedigree's or AKC registration papers of Both parents are have them listed on website they are probably a puppy mill or back yard breeder.
4. Ask questions if they tend to have little knowledge about the Papillons and Chihuahua only interested in the money they are probably puppy mill or back yard breeder.
Ask questions and see if you can find them not being honest with you. 
5. Ask for their veterinarian number talk directly to the vet and inquire about the breeder. If the breeder refuses to give you his or her vet number then they are a puppy mill or back yard breeder...
You can get an ideal by looking at the parents and pedigrees and tell if they are of Top Quality. If they look like a Papillon or Chihuahua should look and not like a poor quality Papillon or Chihuahua looks.. A reputable breeder will be able to answer all of your questions and are very committed to their dogs and will have knowledge on the breed and not breeding just for profit but to improve the breed..
Example talking about being committed.. I have spent alot of nights up till 3:30-5:30 in the morning, with some of my females in labor to make sure the female and her puppies was going to be okay they come first. I also have bottled feed some of my litters due to complications the mother was having and feeding around the clock every two hours night and day. I believe each puppies life is very precious.... I will do what ever it takes to save a life.  I am responsible and their well being comes above all else.  
Please be careful and buy from breeders who really do care...Let's put a stop to puppy mills and help these dogs go free, and the only way to do that is not to buy their sick and unhealthy pets.  

Quality is never an accident it is always the result of intelligent and tireless effort.. 


Read Betsy Story at www.nopuppymills.com/betsy.html
Betsy a papillon who has touched my heart, so sad she was used by a puppy mill to produce puppy after puppy to sell to Pet stores and was not taken care of at all, run down no nutrition. Please do not buy your puppies from Pet shops are Brokers as nearly all of the puppies come from puppmills where adults live in cages there entire lives.  They live in bad conditions only used to produce puppy after puppy for money and are never taken out to run and play are to be loved by someone. Nor do they have any veterinarian care or human contact. The dogs are not tested for any inherited gentic defects. The puppies born in puppy mills that do surrive end up with many health problems and temperament problems which end up costing tons of money in vet bills. Please do not let those people at Pet stores fool you they buy from puppy mills for a cheap price and then they sell them for a large amount of. Buy from a reputable breeder
who are breeding to improve the health and quality of the dogs..  

                THE DESIGNER DOG MYTH

We do not believe in mixing breeds, we do know from research that this could do more harm than good to our breeders and should never be done. We take all the possible necessary precautions to make sure this never happens.
We believe in keeping are breeds pure.
The myth that crossing breeds can produce a healthier puppy is not true at all, each breed has enough inherenit problems itself.  Crossing two breeds can very well produce puppies that inherited all the health problems of both breeds, and there will be no guarantee on how there temperaments will be when you cross the breeds, are what they will look like when and adult. 
They are referred to as a so called "designer dogs" (A fancy name for a mutt) and demand high prices and we all know that these dogs are nothing more than mixes and should be priced as such.
the so called "designer dogs"so please do not ask me to mix breed my wonderful quality bred dogs. Nor do I sell to anyone who wants to breed the "designer dogs". If you are interested in a "designer dog" please visit a petshop, backyard breeder,animal shelter or rescue lead.
When you buy from these breeders you are only encouraging them to continue mixing these breeds "The Designer Dogs" and selling them at quality purebreed prices, which is not right.

If you are looking for a top quality well breed healthy puppy are would like to be placed on a waiting list I would be delighted to help you..
Our dogs come from some of the very best champion well bred lineage from breeders all around the world. 
Just give me call or send a email. 1-601-579-9935 email: Carolynlvspaps@bellsouth.net 

Have a blessed day :)