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The Papillon dog breed describes a small, elegant and dainty toy dog, his colorful name derived from those small and adorable butterfly-like ears. These dogs are quite popular due to their small size, ranging from eight to ten inches in height. In addition to being highly intelligent, these little dogs are not shy or aggressive.

This dog breed offers companions that are friendly and alert.
The Papillon is one of the smartest small (Toy) dog breeds in the world, and is a great companion and watchdog. Because of their small stature, this dog breed is quite happy with apartment life but can also be content in the country. Owners of this dog breed can provide plenty of exercise and play all sorts of games both indoors and out.

Papillon which means butterfly in French the name comes from the appearance of the dog's large obliquely set ears and the fringed ears they resemble the waving wings of a butterfly as the dog twitches them back and forth.  Not all papillons have upright ears; some have drooping ears that lie close to the head.  This ear type is called the Phalene  pronouned fay-leen and takes it name from the folded wings of the night moth in France..  The papillons they believe originated from Great Britain or France and was a dainty companion of King Henri II he owned a palace full of papillons that he adored and spent enormous amounts of money indulging his passion for the breed.  Marie Antoinette was also passionately devoted to her two papillons and that she carried one of her papilllons with her and one hid beneath her skirt as she was walking to the guillotine and she gave him to the executine just before her execution. Her two little companions were cared for in her home after her death.  That house in Paris France is known today as "The House Of Papillons"   Given the papillon's role as the treasured companion of royalty and high courtesans,it is not surprising that,durning the Renaissance period,this charming creature frequently appeared in famous paintings throughout Europe. The papillons is among the oldest of the pure bred toys,appearing in portraiture and other authenticated artwork as far back as the 14th and 15th centuries.  Some historians believe that because of the papillons small size, loving temperament and very loyal companion,which won them the favor and demand of sixteenth century aristocracy and royalty are  the breed may would have not been here today.  The papillon is known as the Dwarf  continental toy Spaniel.  The exotic papillon is both beautiful and fascinating.  A loving compaion, this pretty lapdog ejoys the admiration of fanciers all over the world.   I begain researching even more learning everything I possible could about this gorgeous little breed.  I was so impressed with all the information I had found out, I could not wait to find  that perfect little papillon.  The Papillon is one of the most obedient and responsive of the toy breeds. They are gentle, friendly, playful and highly intelligent. Papillions are excellent with children.  They are top ranked of all toy breeds in several sports, their dainty appearance, diminutive size, and great trainability makes them one of the most intelligent of the toy breeds. Their soft, glossy coats requires no cutting of the hair. They are not double coated, therefore there is not a big seasonal shed. Paps typically do not suffer from doggie odor. They are eager to please you, with such great temperaments they are a valued companion. They adapt well to the being inside and require little excerise, this probably accounts for their reputation as and ideal city dog.