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Exclusively Breeding AKC Fine Quality Papillons For Show, Performance or Just Loving Companions with Exceptional Personalities.

All meet the AKC breed standards

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“Quality is not expensive. It’s the Result of Tiresless Effort!”

Hello. My name is Carolyn Ital Hembree. Follower of Jesus Christ my lord and savior. I am married to Dr. Mark R. Hemberee, DVM. He finished his 8 year degree in veterinarian medicine at Mississippi State University.We have two childeren. I am a small hobby breeder of Papillons and long coat Chihuahuas. Marquis Royal Court, which I established, is located in a little community called Oak Grove, about 8 miles outside of Hattiesburg Mississippi. I would love to share my story about how I have come to love these beautiful, intelligent dogs.

My experience began as a young girl. I have always had a passion for dogs. We always had Chihuahuas in our home. My grandmother also raised them occasionally, and I enjoyed helping her care for them. While visiting the “Splendors of Versailles” exhibit in 1997, I saw the little Papillons in paintings of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI of France. They attracted my attention instantly. I believed them to be the perfect toy breed for me, and resolved to learn all that I could about them. I fell in love with the Papillons appearance, ear fringing, beautiful coats, and temperaments. After researching for years. I find the Swedish/scandinavian bloodlines to my very favorite of all!! I love for my Paps ears to be heavily (curtain) fringed, with abundance of coat, along with a very good temperament, and correct conformation for showing. Which comes from the Swedish lines. All of my Papillonss have Swedish lines. Some mixed with European bloodlines. Those bloodlines tend to make very nice, and the most gorgoeus Papillons for showing and loving companions.

Papillons are especially wonderful companion dogs. They have a strong desire to be with the people they love, their family. To that end, my pups live in our home as part of our family. This provides a rich, non-threatening, interesting environment. We provide exposure to many variables such as interaction with people, playtime with many different toys, new surroundings, and car rides. They also are bathed and brushed to become accustomed to this activity.

Our Papillons and puppies, all live in our home as part of our family. Not an outdoor kennel, handled from birth. They mainly love to be right by our side doing whatever we are doing. They are what I call the little inbetween dog. They love to be right in the middle of what we are doing:) They tend to be happy and content doing what you are doing. They love to play ball, play with toys or simply lounge on the back of our sofa. They are happy to sit in a recliner with us, and love sleeping in our beds.

These dogs are certainly not “just dogs.” It has taken me years of extensive research, studing pedigrees, knowledge and dedication along with heartache. Which has helped me develop my breeding program. Through hard won experience and skill. I have learned the critical importance of genetic quality. My breeding dogs have been selectively chosen from top Swedish and European lines. They are bred with the healthiest and best bloodlines available. Today, I am able to produce healthy, happy gorgeous, typey Papillons for showing or just loving companions:).

Care and thought must go into each breeding instance to decrease possible consequences like progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), patella luxation, heart or liver problems, poor coats, or other malformations. Even with many test preformed on our dogs. You must understand that no breed, no dog, no animal (human or otherwise) is entirely free of hereditary defects of some degree or another. It can show up from generations back.

It is my primary goal as a responsible breeder, focusing on careful breeding practices to ensure healthy, friendly, intelligent show quality dogs or just loving quality companions. I seek to produce puppies that exhibit breed standards for appearance with correct conformation, elegant movement, entrancing temperament, sound body, and that meet AKC breed standards.

I do not breed pups for supplying mass market. I breed many times for myself and pick from the litters. I have NO kennels. My dogs have never been nor will ever be raised in a cage. I prefer not to co-own but will do so with a clear agreement with the breeder. I would be horrified to learn that one of my dogs, or their offspring, ended up in a cage, puppy mill, pet store, or with a puppy broker.

Several of my dogs are currently being shown in conformation. However, a handler does this so that my attention remains focused on caring for and loving those at home. Our puppies are well loved and socialized from day one. If your focus is showing, I do sell pups to show/breeding approved homes. Only if puppy will be raised in your home as part of the family, and not living in a kennel/cage. I prefer not to sell my puppies just for breeding.

I’m often asked which is the best companion, a male or a female. Both have their unique qualities. In general, males make the best companion dogs. They are biased towards loyalty and wanting to be involved in everything you’re doing, even if it is nothing. People worry about males “marking”. This is a matter of training and discipline. Also, they usually will not mark unless a female in heat is nearby. Females tend to be more independent and will mark also if left intact.

Dr. Keith Davis, the veterinarian that I use, performs all health examinations as well as certifications to verify the health of each dog or puppy. We feel this is only ethical on our part. My dogs have the customary health checkups, including yearly vaccinations, being de-wormed each month, and taking heart worm preventive. In addition to these checkups, my breeding dogs receive additional care: complete blood workup which also checks heart, lungs, and liver; dental checks with dental cleaning as needed

My husband, also a veterinarian, is available in situations when emergent care is needed. I have experience as a veterinarian assistant and as a professional groomer. When you are preparing to buy a puppy be sure to thoroughly investigate the seller’s background and history. Ask for references.

I encourage you to remember that a puppy or dog is not a standardized product like a sofa or car. I do not recommend buying a puppy just because the price is cheap.

Do the research. Get information on the sire and dam, check the pedigree. Learn what reputation the breeder has and what type of environment from which the dog comes. Be as thorough as you can. This will be your dog, and you will want to get the best.

If you are looking for a genetically healthy puppy, that is an excellent representation of the breed, with an excellent temperament and, nice conformation. Then you have come to the right place.  But, if you don't care what it looks like, or whether or not you incur thousands of dollars in veterinary bills, then please, consider a backyard breeder or rescue.

Whether your interest is in showing your dog or wanting one as a pet do not hesitate to contact me by any of the following: phone—601-579-9935; email— carolynlvspaps@bellsouth.net. For a quicker responce please email. Many times my answering machine does not work properly. I may not receive your message. You are also welcome to visit my home to see my Papillons in their environment. I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Safe shipping also available, and we ship to some overseas countries.

To learn more about Papillons, please read about their history and my
“Buying a healthy Papillon ” page.

“Quality is not expensive. It’s the result of tireless effort!"
Marquis Royal Court is founded on the finest quality of Papillons. I have spent many years researching and studying the bloodlines. We do not believe in breeding or showing more than two different breeds. (Two breeds along are a handful) We DO NOT mix our breeds to get what people call the designer dog. It's simply a mixed dog, known as a mutt. We keeps our breeds pure:) All of our dogs live inside our home and are treated like family members. I am very dedicated to each one of them. Our puppies will be very different than what you will find in a puppy mill, shelter, pet shop, or from a back yard breeder. We take great pride in our dogs and assure you a healthy, happy, well loved, and socialized puppy. A healthy puppy can live a very long and healthy life, and bring you much happiness for many, many years to come.

Most of our Papillons are imported from Germany, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Norway, and Europe. But all have Swedish lines. We also have top American bloodlines. These Papillon lines are known throughout the world for quality and a long line of champions. All of my Papillons are AKC registered, and my imports are dual registered with AKC, VDH, and the Canada Kennel Club. As responsible breeders, we are constantly trying to improve the quality of each puppy with every breeding. We carefully study each parent’s lineage, structure, and genetics prior to breeding.

We are exclusively breeding AKC champion bloodlines, promoting healthy, show quality prospects for breeding and showing to perform in conformation, agility, rally, fly-ball, obedience, pet therapy,
or just quality companions with exceptional personalities and of course, beauty all the way.

Each adult used in our breeding program comes from superior quality lines. These lines are carefully selected to achieve maximum health, structure, temperament, and breed standards. On rare occasions, we have extra tiny puppies born in a litter.

Before each breeding, I make sure my breeding adults are clear from any health issues. Adults receive a complete, comprehensive exam each year which include: blood count profile, rectal and fecal examination, liver test, dental examination, dental prophylaxis, ophthalmic examination, heartworm check, and urinalysis. The heart ultrasound is given one time a year and the patella exams one time a year.

You are always welcome to come to our home to visit our Papillons.
We have references and our veterinarian numbers available for you.

A Look Inside Marquis Royal Court -My Home

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