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A special Thanks to... About us

I would love to give special thanks to all of my wonderful clients and friends who have stood behind me and also know the excellent quality of puppies that I produce! Many of you own several puppies from me. I am very happy to have returning and well pleased clients.

Thanks to Jamie Bourgeois: who has always been available to answer my questions and never complained. Jamie, you are a true blessing, thank you for everything, including my beautiful Serea :)

hanks to Jenipher South: for trusting me, believing in me, and being there for me. You are such a fun and loving friend…a special friend. You have made me so proud to be showing two of my Papillons :)

Thanks to Steffi Thönelt: for trusting me with your gorgeous dogs and champions. You are such a joy for whom to work, always keeping me up to date with the puppies and the shows. I am so thankful to have you for my very special friend :)

Thanks to Christa Steel: for also trusting in me, your kindness, loving friendship, sweetness, and loving and owning four of my Paps. You make me very proud to be showing my Papillons :)

Many thanks to MaryAnn: for trusting in me, for your kind, loving friendship, and for owning two of my Paps and showing them in the future :)

Special thanks to Carolyn Watson: who came to my home to visit my dogs...such a sweetheart...and for giving my Papillon pup a very special and loving home :)

Thanks to Pam Yates: for coming to my home to visit on several occasions. Thanks for loving my Papillons, keeping me updated with emails and pictures, giving four of my puppies a very loving home, and attending obedience classes with them :)

Several of our Paps that were bred here at Marquis Court's have finished and earned the AKC Good citizen title:)

Special thanks to Vickey and Curney Derouen: for coming to my home to visit and for always keeping me updated with many sweet notes and lovely pictures :)

Thanks to Wanda Huddleston: for loving my Chihuahuas and Papillons. I am very happy that you now own four of my Chihuahuas and are very pleased with them. Thanks for coming to my home to visit my dogs and appreciating the love and care that I give each one :)

Thanks to Karen and Gary Kosztur: for purchasing two of my Papillon puppies. I wish you much luck with them. Thanks for the loving home you provide for my babies :)

I am very blessed to know each one of you. I'm sorry if I have left anyone out. I am very thankful for each of my clients and dear friends.

I would not be where I am today without God and each one of you. There is a special place for all of you in my heart.

May God bless all of you forever!!