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The Papillon dog breed describes a small, elegant and dainty toy dog, his colorful name derived from those small and adorable butterfly-like ears. These dogs are quite popular due to their small size, ranging from eight to ten inches in height. In addition to being highly intelligent, these little dogs are not shy or aggressive.

This dog breed offers companions that are friendly and alert.
The Papillon is one of the smartest small (Toy) dog breeds in the world, and is a great companion and watchdog. Because of their small stature, this dog breed is quite happy with apartment life but can also be content in the country. Owners of this dog breed can provide plenty of exercise and play all sorts of games both indoors and out.

I have always loved animals, dogs in particular.  Even as a small child I would always much rather play with a stuffed or real animal than a doll.  I grew up with lots of animals, we had big and small dogs mainly mixed breeds we called  "mutts" now days people try to pass off as Designer Breeds (LOL) and charge large sums for... can you believe...

  Marquis Royal Court of elegance and perfection located just outside of Hattiesburg Ms. I am very devoted, responsible and committed to my dogs they are my life. I have learned and had many years of research all about the papillons, and chihuahua's long before I bred a litter..
I show and breed these beautiful dogs on a small scale, to be sure I have the time and dedication to raising the best quality and the healtiest puppies I possibly can.  I am very devoted to each one of them... I have work as a Veterinary Assistant and have for many, many years and have great experience with dogs.
  The year of 1998 I was visiting the Splendor Of  Versailles exhibit I had noticed several small little fluffy papillons in different paintings with King Louis XIV and his family and more in some paintings with Marie Antoinette I just thought to my self what beautiful little dogs they are.  I could hardly wait to visit the book store and find a book on breeds, and finally I came across the picture of this little black/white dog that looked simular to the ones I had seen in the paintings at the Splendor Of Versailles exhibit, This is how it all began for me...

 Papillon which means butterfly in French the name comes from the appearance of the dog's large obliquely set ears and the fringed ears they resemble the waving wings of a butterfly as the dog twitches them back and forth.  Not all papillons have upright ears; some have drooping ears that lie close to the head.  This ear type is called the Phalene  pronouned fay-leen and takes it name from the folded wings of the night moth in France..  The papillons they believe originated from Great Britain or France and was a dainty companion of King Henri II he owned a palace full of papillons that he adored and spent enormous amounts of money indulging his passion for the breed.  Marie Antoinette was also passionately devoted to her two papillons and that she carried one of her papilllons with her and one hid beneath her skirt as she was walking to the guillotine and she gave him to the executine just before her execution. Her two little companions were cared for in her home after her death.  That house in Paris France is known today as "The House Of Papillons"   Given the papillon's role as the treasured companion of royalty and high courtesans,it is not surprising that,durning the Renaissance period,this charming creature frequently appeared in famous paintings throughout Europe. The papillons is among the oldest of the pure bred toys,appearing in portraiture and other authenticated artwork as far back as the 14th and 15th centuries.  Some historians believe that because of the papillons small size, loving temperament and very loyal companion,which won them the favor and demand of sixteenth century aristocracy and royalty are  the breed may would have not been here today.  The papillon is known as the Dwarf  continental toy Spaniel.  The exotic papillon is both beautiful and fascinating.  A loving compaion, this pretty lapdog ejoys the admiration of fanciers all over the world.   I begain researching even more learning everything I possible could about this gorgeous little breed.  I was so impressed with all the information I had found out, I could not wait to find  that perfect little papillon.  The Papillon is one of the most obedient and responsive of the toy breeds. They are gentle, friendly, playful and highly intelligent. Papillions are excellent with children.  They are top ranked of all toy breeds in several sports, their dainty appearance, diminutive size, and great trainability makes them one of the most intelligent of the toy breeds. Their soft, glossy coats requires no cutting of the hair. They are not double coated, therefore there is not a big seasonal shed. Paps typically do not suffer from doggie odor. They are eager to please you, with such great temperaments they are a valued companion. They adapt well to the being inside and require little excerise, this probably accounts for their reputation as and ideal city dog.   

  I have always admired the long coat chihuahua for many years I was fascinated with there small size and beauty.  I did tons of research on them as well and found out just how smart, loyal, loving and what great compaions they are and how the long coats have a  better temperament than the short coats.  The chihuahua is bright, alert, inquisitive, loyal and affectionalte, the  chihuahua is the SMALLEST of ALL dogs and has it all.  The chihuahua is a wonderful companion, and small enough to go everywhere. He is exceptionally loyal to his owners, and, despite his size, he is a mini guard dog, as he will be quick to bark if strangers approach. They  are often described as having terrierlike qualities, and this can be seen in his fearless, outgoing nature.  For a chihuahua, life is a source of endless fascination he wants to know about everything that is going on, and if possible ,he wants to be in the thick of the action. The breed that is big on personality, and despite being no more than a few inches tall, the chi is ready to take on the world.  The chi is first and foremost a companion dog.  He fits this description in the sense that he loves people, and is only too happy to be cuddled on a lap.  However, it would be a mistake to think that is all a chi does.  This is a highly intelligent little dog who thrives on having things to do.  He is interested in everything that is going on, and is always eager to get involved.  The chihuahua can be trained to a high level, and representatives of the breed have made their mark in a number of different disciplines, including competitive Obedience, Flayball, and Agility, they takes the show ring by storm.  The loving chihuahua is the perfect therapy dog.  Its believed the chihuahua orginated from Mexico.  What a fun-loving little lap companion.  My first chihuahua was a black/tan male so loving and sweet...  

  My very first papillon I purchased in 1997 a year or so before CH Loteki Super Natural Being"Kirby" took Best In Show at the Westminster dog show,.. So little did I know that there was a big difference in TOP QUALITY well bred papillons than in cheaply poorly bred pet papillons, same goes for chihuahua's as well. Not knowing what to look for, my very first papillon was oversized,poor temperament, very poor structure, had anxiety, and many health problems..He was of Poor quality. He was not the beautiful, sound, confident, elegant dog I had fallen in love with, and looked nothing like "Kirby"  Nor was anything like the papillons I had read about in the papillon books. I began to do my research, I knew that one day I would own one of these well bred correct structured true to the bred papillons...I soon realized that alot of the problems my male papillon had it was because he was not well bred,and it was in his genetic's and was pasted down, he was AKC registered, but inexpensive so just being AKC registered does not mean you are buying a dog that will be healthy,great temper or correct it's in the bloodlines of where he came from and well he was taken care of..That's the reason we strive to own the Finiest examples of the breeds.  From the very best bloodlines possible to bred with, true to the breed standards and a correct structured dog with wonderful temperaments.
Which are very expensive but we want the best quality possible..
The papillons of the past century,was hard to find as only a few devoted breeders had them.  Due to there popularity alot of careless backyard breeders have started breeding them for the profit,only to breed more health issues in the breed PRA-eyes,Patella Luxations-knees,poor coats, Poor temperaments. The look between the orginal papillon and the new,backyard/pet quality lines or what ever they are, surely do not look like a papillon should look, have arose with leaps and bounds.. We strongly advise buyers to becareful in where they choose to buy there puppies and to select the Quality of the breeders dogs and not buy on the price alone..Buy from a reputable breeder who knows and cares for there dogs..         

I have done extensive research on the breed, and learned so much more since my very first pet quality papillon.
I realized just what I was looking for in a papillon. I wanted one of perfect conformation,healthy,excellent temperment and one that stood very correct and looked like a papillon should look, I saved up my money it took me two years to save up enough money to buy the papillon of my dreams, but it was worth every penny of it.  He was perfect I could tell right away the difference he was from my first male papillon..  He stood very correct and just beautiful, elegant and graceful, everything I could image he would be. Very healthy a wonderful temperament, sound body both feet/legs standing correct.
I soon became interested in breeding with his beauty and correctness he has made it all come true for me..

 I enjoy raising top qualilty, healthy well bred papillons. 
I love the Scandinavianien type which you will find in most of my papillons..
My breed ethics are to breed a puppy with only the best quality, health, temperment, and of course beauty with only the best dispositions.  All of my breeding dogs have been selectively choosen from top winning and top producers pedigrees from American and European countries you may ask why would you prefer buy a puppy from German or Sweden.... if you research you will find out the papillon orginated in France and Great Britian, where some of the very best bloodlines in the world has come from, that link back to the orginal Great Britian bloodlines where the very first papillons was born.  From the European countries you will find the excellent quality with very few genetic defects, long earfringing and abundant coats,the best temperaments ever..  I only bred with the healthiest and best bloodlines available.    
  I operate a Pet Glamour Studio right inside my home. I own lots of dress up clothes for dogs with hair accessories, necklaces with lots of BLING and any  type of background you could imagine. I  enjoying takeing Glamour Shots of other people's furry friends.. What can I say, I am a dog lover!!!!
  Avoid a heart break and buy a healthy well bred puppy from a reputable breeder...Get info on the family lines and more...... Our Puppies are well bred from Top Quality lines GUARANTEED....

 We do place Gorgeous correct puppies in pet homes who could have been shown but if you choose not to show you will still have a gorgeous papillon or chihuahua that will look just like papillon or chihuahua should look. So if you are looking for a well bred top quality healthy,beautiful sound puppy of quality you have come to the right place. My puppies will come to you with correct body structure and healthy, happy and from a long lineage of long life, free from defects and neglect. We stand behind our puppies and offer a guarantee with every puppy we sell..
I would love to help you find your very nexted best friend or show dog.. Please email or give me a call.
Quality is never an accident, it is always the result intelligent and tireless effort...
  I am vet recommened my veterinarian  Dr.Davis 1-601-264-0115.....I have other references available upon request....
  You are MORE than welcome to come to my home and see my dogs and pick up your puppy. But if we need to ship we certainly can and have shipped our puppies many,many times with no problem at all.. I ship with Delta,Northwest shipping prices have changed I will need to check airlines for prices..your ticket,vet exam,health certicate,airline approve kennel,pet insured as he flys to you. will all be included in the price.. 
  Please note that all pictures and information is (copyrighted) property of mine and any use of pictures or information on this site is prohibited.  Please view below...