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We ship within U.S and Alaska. Also, to some International Countries and Canada.


*Exclusively Breeding AKC Fine Quality Papillons*

Many Thanks to all of my Repeated Clients! It has been a pleasure getting to know you:)

Pets, are sold with limited registration on a spay/neuter contract only. Conformation showing and breeding puppies are sold with Full AKC registration. But must be pre-approved.

I do not sell my puppies to puppy mills, pet stores, in parking lots are to unethical breeders (backyard breeders)!
Please this is not the site to look for less expensive AKC Chihuahuas. We have choosen to start our breeding program with high quality Chihuahuas. Which has been very expensive. But I clearly wanted what was the very best to start my breeding program with.
But the quality and beauty can't be beat.

We reserve the right of first pick out of our litters, since we are striving to improve the Chihuahua breed; along with my breeding program for showing.
Alot of time and sleepless nights with much effort (suppliment feeding) goes into each of these babies, to assure you a very healthy happy puppy, for many years to come. You are always welcome to come to home, and see how my pups are raised, and living in my home (not in outdoor kennel) handled from birth, with much love and care. With the most loving personalities ever. It's very expensive raising quality dogs and giving each one of them the proper love, and medical care that's required. Here are some examples (quality puppy and dog food, grooming products, shampoo, conditiners, brushes, cleaning products, dog beds, medicine, heart worm prevent, vaccinations, dewormer, teeth cleanings, blood tests, yearly exams, of the heart, liver, eyes and patellas, c-sections in some cases. Not to account for the extra things, advertizing, double fencing our yard; which we have to secure our dogs, when they go out to potty and play. The list goes on and on...Believe me, if you take care of your dogs in the way that they should be cared for; it's very expensive, and little profit is ever made.

Please read my About Me Page.

*What determines Prices of a puppy*

 Many factors, play a role. The quality, pedigrees, size, colors and markings. We put alot of time, love and care into each of our puppies.
Prices are subject to change as puppies grow and are observed. Price will not change once a deposit has been placed on a puppy.

The price of our puppies will vary depending on the quality of the puppy. Prices vary from $1600-$2500 and up! Many potential Chihuahua owners will buy from a backyard breeder for a much lower price. Then as time goes by they wonder why their much loved Chihuahua simply does not look like a Chihuahua or is the size of a Beagle. Backyard breeders breed for profit rather than to improve the breed. Reasponsible caring breeders breed to improve the breed in conformation, structure, temperament and health. Please be a responsible pet owner and purchase from a reputable and responsible breeder who cares. Please do not purchase a puppy from a pet store, news paper ad or parking lot. Yes, this pups maybe AKC registered but that still does not mean you are buying a purebred quality dog. Most pet stores buy their puppies from puppy mills. Puppy mills breed dogs strictly for profit, without regard for what they are breeding, must less the health, and well being of the dog. As long as loving and caring pet buyers purchase from pet stores, puppy mills will remain in business. So please less put a stop to Puppymills!! Please donot buy from them! A responsible breeder will show their dogs, and give them top health care. They will raise their dogs and puppies inside there homes and not outside in a cage. You are always welcome to come to our home, and see our dogs. We have all parents and pedigrees available for you to view. Beware of breeders who will not show you the parents, pedigrees or let you come to there home and see their dogs. That's for sure a warning sign!
The term "TEACUP"& "MICRO TINY" and many other terms are used in toy breeds. There is no such thing as a teacup or micro variety of any toy breed. The AKC does not recognize "teacup." A breeder listing "teacup" on any puppy or dog should be a warning sign to any potential pet buyer. Breeders advertising their dogs as teacup, mirco and so on should be considered unethical breeders. They are not breeding to the AKC standard recognized by the American Kennel Club. They are breeding down the size to increase their profits, along with many health problems. In each litter we breed. We end up with a small puppy, and somtimes even a very tiny puppy. Yes, the very tiny ones require around the clock care. We are very dedicated to each one of our babies. Their health and well being is most important.