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Carolyn Hembree
(Hattiesburg MS) Purvis Mississippi.
United States

Tel: 1-601-579-9935 - Central Time
Email: carolynlvspaps@bellsouth.net
Copy and paste my email address to send me an email.

I'm Carolyn of Marquis Royal Court; You will find that I am very easy to talk to, and love my dogs dearly, and want what's best for them.
For a Quicker Responce Please Email First :)

You are always welcome to come to our home, and pick your puppy up.

Hand delivery of your pet is also available. Someone will meet you at the airport and hand you your new family member safe and sound to you personally. Personal Delivery price may vary depending on available flights. Which includes my time, gas, rabies shot if needed, vet exam and health certificate.
In most cases. I am easier reached by email. My answer machine not working properly at times.
I may not receive your message.
I always try to answer emails promptly. If you do not hear back from me
within 12 hours, please contact me again. I may not have received your email or phone message.
We have references! Also, (view my guessbook and see what clients have to say about Marquis Royal Court puppies)
We are in compliance with AKC and always pass inspection with high ratings!
Our veterinarian numbers available for you.


I am the one and only "Marquis Royal Court" if you see any pictures of me, or my dogs, and pups pictures on another website named Marquis Royal Court. It's not me!! I am the one and only www.marquisroyalcourt.com.

"BEWARE" of scammers!! They have stole my pictures and using a different email address to scam people out of money! Scammers are making fake websites, and taking pictures, and information, and placing them on these fake websites.
Make sure you email me at the "only" email address I have
RIGHT HERE- carolynlvspaps@bellsouth.net
My puppies are AKC registered.
All puppies sold as pet/companions and preforming pets are sold with limited registration on a spay/neuter contract only.
Conformation Showing and Breeding puppies are sold with Full AKC registration.

*More About Scammers*
I have decided to write this. Over the years, numerous of my clients have come to me. Whom have purchased puppies from many of these fake (so called breeders know as scammers) websites. These scammers pretend to own the puppies, but in reality the pups never did exist in the first place, in many events the scammers would have stolen pictures from reputable breeders websites.

These scammers are known to take your money, and of course never send you a puppy. Ways to find out that you are buying from a reputable breeder.
A reputable breeder will always ALLOW you to come to there home, and visit or pick up your puppy, and also allow you to visit the puppies parents, show you pedigrees and visit with you. Even if you have no intentions of visiting the breeders home. Always ask if you can come pick up your puppy! Reputable breeders never make up excuses! They raise dogs, and puppies in there home (NOT A KENNEL) with lots of love and care. They will have multi pictures of the parents and puppies on there website for you to view.
Reputable breeders will answer all of your questions. Reputable breeders will also have their dogs shown in AKC conformation shows. Register ALL dogs with AKC.



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