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AKC Ch Sired Marquis Court's Amazing Daisy


AKC Marquis Court's Chocolate Impression


AKC Ch Sired Blue Chi's Endless Glamour
"Zsa Zsa"


AKC Ch Sired Blue Chi's Blu Painted Impression

AKC Blue Chi's New Dawn




*Retired and Reference Females*


AKC Petite Paws Laura Ann Collin-Dells


AKC Ch Sired Halo's Iced Chocolate Latta





Exclusively Breeding AKC Fine Quality Chihuahuas~

Specializing in a rainbow of colors. Blue, Brindled, blue brindled, blue brindled fawn, chocolate and chocolate brindled. We also have fawn/white, black/white, tri, red/white and ect. Our Long Coat Chihuahuas have a personality alot like our Papillons very loving, not afraid, not aggressive, not snappy,  or skitties ( at least my Chi's are not, they are well loved and socialized here at Marquis Court's) easy to train,  highly intelligence. They love to play and a clever little breed.  We find that the short coat Chihuahua's tend to be more aggressive than the long coats.  But the Chihuahua breed has come along way.  A "quality" bred Chihuahua bred by "responsible breeders" who have breed out the bad traits like our Chihuahuas have wonderful temperaments.
Please this is not the place to find a cheap Chihuahua, these are well bred Chi's from top quality show lines :) Its very expensive in raising top quality dogs. We put alot of time and money into each of our dogs and puppies. To assure that each one is properly loved and taken care of.
The Chihuahua is the smallest of the Toy breeds.
We are constantly striving to improve the Chihuahua breed, with quality well bred dogs with lovely temperaments and health .We produce beautiful quality puppies from healthy bloodlines who meet the AKC breed standards, and well socialized, who will live a healthy long life and bring you many years of love, loyalty with a endless friendship. Our main goal is to produce a puppy correct in conformation, temperment and health. If you are looking for a quality well bred healthy Chihuahua with champion bloodlines & bred to the "breed standards" from a reputable breeder who is very dedicated and has researched all about the Chihuahuas before breeding a litter then you are at the right site. I have worked as a vet assist, groomer for many years.  Many Chihuahua owners will buy a Chihuahua from a pet store, puppy mill, news paper ad or from a backyard breeder, after the puppy grows up to an adult they wonder why their beloved pet just does not look like a Chihuahua should look, and simply wonder why their Chihuahua does not have many Chihuahua features. Also remember you get what you pay for. Well bred Chihuahua's are not inexpensive.  We breed healthy well bred Chihuahua with wonderful temperments:)  We specialize in Chihuahuas that will look like a beautiful Chihuahua should look with cobby square bodies, short legs, apple dome heads and short muzzles.
Each pet/companion puppy will come with limited registered with a spay/neuter contract.  A show/breeding  puppy will come with full registration. I do not sell my pups on co-owner ship with strick contracts. Each puppy comes with a one year health guarantee, up to date on vaccinations, deworming, blanket, toy and well socialized.
My vet's numbers available and we have references available for you. You are always welcome to come to my home and pick up your puppy.  Safe shipping is always available when our puppies are old enough to fly. If you decided to fly to the airport closest to us we would be happy to meet you there with your puppy so you can fly back in cab with it (we do charge a gas fee and for our time).  All of are dogs and puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and care, well socialized. No puppy will be skittish as we spend  alot of time with each one of our puppies socializing them on a daily basic.  When inquiring  about a puppy please tell me about your self,  how many dogs you own,  where do you live, or you looking for a pet/companion or a puppy to show and breed.

Future Hopefuls