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Long Coat Chihuahuas

Long Coat Chihuahuas are known to be lively, bright, alert, inquisitive, loyal and very affectionate. They are very loyal to their owners. The Chihuahua's are the worlds Smallest dog breed. Weighing between 2-6 pounds, height 6-9 inch tall.   The Chihuahua Breed rank in the Top Ten most popular breed to own. The long coat Chihuahua's tend to be  mellow, not aggressive or snappy but easy to train with high intelligence and more out going than the short coats. I just love them :)  Long coat Chihuahua's are BIG on personality, highly intelligent who thrives on having things to do, always interested in everything going on, eager to get involved and can be trained to a high level many have excelled in the show ring, agility, fly ball and obedience.  Foremost the Chihuahua is known as a companion dogs "lapdog" making the perfect therapy dog and the perfect watch dog always on alert. I love them very much and could not image life with out a little long coat Chihuahua right by my side or in my lap following me everywhere I go :)
When choosing a Chihuahua please watch out, to make sure you buy a AKC quality bred Chihuahua as there are tons of poorly bred Chihuahua's out there who do not meet the breed standards and nor do they even look like a Chihuahua when they grow up.  A quality Chihuahua should appear square cobby body,  large apple dome head,  short to medium muzzle with large eyes set apart. 
 A quality Chihuahua from a reputable breeder that has been bred to breed out any bad traits that could pass on. All of my Chihuahua meet the AKC breeding standards and they are very friendly with such wonderful temperaments :) They are very simular to the Papillon in personality.
They love their own kind and other dogs as well my Chihuahuas are best friends with my Papillons. No one can own just one they are soooo addictive..........